We are situated in the lovely Western Cape close to Cape Town and are Registered Breeders with KUSA (Kennel Union of Southern Africa).  

We participate in Breed Shows and Field Trials and our dogs enjoy it as much as we do. We strive to breed dual purpose dogs who can work hard in the field and perform in the show ring. But most of all for the family as a loving companion with a superb temperament and personality. We breed with imported and top quality Golden Retrievers. Our saying... Passion, Pride, Purpose, Perfection!!! 

About our puppies:

  • All our puppies are home reared with lots of love and attention

  • We do NOT do kennel breeding!

  • They are very well socialized and taken care of

  • Puppies are send out on 8 weeks of age

  • KUSA Registered

  • Puppy Contract

  • All our puppies come with breeding restrictions on them (puppies are sold as PETS ONLY, not for breeding) 

  • 1st Inoculation ( clients get the vaccination book with)

  •  Micro-chipped ( clients get the micro-chip certificate with)

  •  Been Dewormed every 2 weeks since the age of 2 weeks

  •  Client get to choose their own name for their puppy

  • Puppies are all Vet checked

  • A Puppy Blanket as a gift from us that come with your puppy.

  • Clients get Information booklet on their new puppy

  • Mera Gift Pack & Voucher that clients can use (if in stock, depends on our suppliers)

  • We also do Puppy Culture with our puppies to make sure they are ready for their life ahead and can handle it with ease.

All our dogs are on Mera, our puppies are raised on Mera puppy food to make sure they get the best possible start in life. We definitely recommend clients to continue on Mera as we have only had great results with it and our dogs are doing wonderful on Mera. It is a German imported dog food you can read more about it on


It can be arranged to fly the puppies to any major airport in or out of SA on the client cost. We have exported many puppies so it is no problem to send a puppy aboard at all. 


How to book a puppy:

Once the puppies are born, mating has occurred or on any future litters planned bookings can be made (depend on availability). To make a booking on a puppy we ask half of the selling price as a booking fee (non refundable), rest is payable 2 weeks before puppy is due to be collected. For any reason whatsoever, puppy death, miscarriage and so on and there is no other puppy available in that specific litter you will be carried over to the next available litter or due litter of your choice that have availability.


Once you have booked a puppy:

Due to the fact that we do Puppy Culture with all our puppies we asses them right thru from birth and know them each by heart, by the time visiting weekend comes. So we do the full assessment when the puppies are about 5 to 6 weeks of age and we can also see the individual personality of each puppy by then very clearly. We will go thru all the forms filled in of the clients that are booked in that litter and see who will fit who best. You then get to choose out of those puppies best suited for you and your lifestyle. Reason for this is to make sure the right puppy goes to the right owner for some clients want a active dog and other a calm dog and in the end we need to find the best suited home for our puppy. Visiting weekend will then also be in that time frame.


We also try and send update pictures every Friday to clients, so clients can keep track of how the little ones are growing and developing. 

Anymore questions feel free to contact us.

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